My Biography

My name is Deborah Carroll. At age 32, I was introduced to 12-step programs to assist me with my desire to stop drinking and drugging. I was newly divorced, and dealing with family violence issues in the family court system. As I received support from fellow AA and NA members, I began seeking a variety of healing services from people in my AA and NA community, who were farther along on their healing path and their clean and sober journey.

As I received a variety of healing sessions, past memories from my childhood began to emerge and eventually I went into therapy, and therapy groups, to deal with my feelings.

I became involved in Healing Inner Child workshops, Massage, Native American Spirituality, Re-Evaluation Co-Counseling, and Rebirthing. While reading books about Adult Children of Alcoholics, and Codependency, I came down with Pneumonia.

I was introduced to Iridology, and diet recommendations that finally gave me some relief from my symptoms after being bed ridden and out of work for two months. I then chose to study the art and science of Iridology. I began traveling much more extensively in search of special teachers who were known for their expertise in eye analysis, nutrition, herbs, and cleansing.

I found that cleansing my body helped a great deal with my mental and emotional health. I was learning how to detoxify my body and heal my liver, and my digestive problems with all natural remedies.

Around this time I was also enjoying many outdoor excursions as part of earth awareness, including vision quests, and sweat lodge training, with Sun Bear and The Bear Tribe Medicine Society. Sun Bear wrote many books on healing Native American Indian practices along with survival methods and wilderness training.  I was traveling and teaching Iridology while learning more from other teachers about parasitology, herbal therapies, ozone therapies, osteopathic manipulations, and deep tissue bodywork.

I even went to Naturopathic school for a couple of years and studied many kinds of blood analysis from lab tests, dark field microscopy, and Biological Terrain Assessment. I was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the time, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon a woman who helped me to solve a huge health issue that had been troubling me for years. Her name was Hazel Parcells and she had a school called The Parcell’s System of Scientific Living. When I met her she was 105. She passed a year later and left her teaching practices to one of her students. She specialized in parasitology.

I was fully immersing myself in a variety of studies that were interesting me, and that were helping me to get more in touch with myself. I was also learning about myself by studying Shamanic Astrology. From studying the mythological archetypes from Shamanic Astrology, I began my interest in studying sacred sexuality practices, known as Tantra.

I began teaching Tantra to my massage clients, and eventually I found that my teachers could not answer my questions about negative experiences that I was having while teaching Tantra. Even after intensive study, I still did not find answers to my problems. I then prayed to my higher-self to bring me someone who could teach me the truth about Tantra. About six months later I met my teacher Marcus Daniels who showed me how to slow down and really feel myself deeper than I had ever allowed myself to feel before. This was a huge turning point for me. I am amazed at how quickly the Cellular Memory Healing practices can change a person’s outlook, and behavior. {I have been taking classes with my teacher for 16 years}.

I studied a body work style called Touch of Structure, while continuing to participate in the classes on Cellular Memory. Around this time I also began learning from another teacher named Aajonus. He practices Iridology and teaches people how to eat raw food to heal their bodies. He calls his diet the primal diet.

The healing affects of the raw food diet was amazing to me, as my body changed in many positive healing ways from choosing to eat 100% raw food. {Due to a variety of changing circumstances in my life I no longer eat 100% raw}.

Iridology {Iris Analysis} also highlights emotional and spiritual issues, as well as personality and behavioral characteristics. There are many different kinds of Iridology charts. Iridology is a vast science that studies the irises of the eyes, to analyze a person’s inner physical condition. The white of the eyes, are also studied (Sclerology), as well as the shape and size of the pupils. From my experience with Iridology, I believe that our ability to digest our food has a lot to do with the quality of our food, and also how we feel about our food.

Our feelings run deep, and even our emotional issues can be seen in the depths of our eyes. I teach proper Food Combining awareness as a way to achieve better digestion, especially when we are eating mostly cooked foods. See more info at

I continued learning more about my feelings in classes on Cellular Memory Healing with my teacher. As the classes progressed, the topic of Loving Human Sexuality began to come up. I am very grateful for all that I have learned about Loving Human Sexuality. Now that I am teaching others about this topic, I am learning more about intimacy and how vital it is to know how to choose love first before sexuality.

When we choose love first, we are kind, and we are honest. This way we make loving choices that create more feelings of real pleasure in our body. When we choose sex first, mental fantasies, secret desires, and unconscious physical body muscle contractions, cause contracted feeling residues of unloved aggressive feelings to weaken our spirit, and physically distort our body with tension and pain. These distortions are due to resistance to receiving pleasure fully.

I love to share my excitement with others who are also on a healing path. I believe that we are all on a healing path of some sort, even if we diverge at times, our spirit is continually growing and learning, on our own time frame.

I feel that we are all here to assist each other. Some people learn more about how to manage money than they do about their health, while others learn more about health than they do about how to manage their money. We can all assist each other as we share what we have had time and practice to learn about the most.

I wish to be of assistance to anyone who resonates with what I have shared from my heart, here on these internet pages.

Blessed Be, and Be Blessed. Deborah.