Here is a list of some of my favorite movies:


A movie about healing with conscious sexual practices (Tantra). Terance Stamp plays the Tantra teacher in this film, and this film is no longer available at Video rental stores due to its intense healing awareness. Thus you have to buy the video or DVD.


By the way, there is another film called Bliss that is an Australian film that includes some conspiracy information along with some Metaphysical information. There is a working girl in the film who eats unheated honey and she is an Iridologist as well, which I thought was very groovy. There is one amazing scene of a revenge tactic against the big wigs in the Petrol industry, that made this movie a super classic.

The Green Mile

This film shows how the “residue of dark spirits” can inhabit people’s bodies and affect their health and their personalities.

It shows how a deep feeling person can clear the residues of dark spirits to heal people and yet they have to suffer the pain of the feelings that are projected at them or dispersed into them, of which their healing abilities make this condition just part of their human situation and a part of life that has to be constantly dealt with; suffering in kindness.

Jacobs Ladder

This film is amazing in many ways. Tim Robins is the main actor. It highlights the conspiracy of experimenting on US troops with chemicals to make them more vicious killers, and how that backfired as an experiment. It also shows how consciousness exists as many different worlds or astral levels, and also it highlights the paradox of demons and angels.

The Game

With Michael Douglas and Sean Penn is a great film for several reasons, and the main one being how the drama of our life is a pre-chosen game. Pre-set with the characters for us to face our fears, and come out the other side.


This film shows how a spirit can move from body to body. A fascinating film from the point of view of understanding the power of some dark spirits and their abilities to possess a human body.There is also some great conversation between the detective in this film, played by Denzel Washington and a Theologian who taught at the local university, concerning ideas about fallen angels.



Ghost is a famous love story about a woman whose fiance is killed by some thugs and his spirit decides to stay around and make attempts to communicate with her through a psychic medium he meets by accident. Once he realizes that the medium can hear him, he makes her help him warn his lover, played by Demi Moore, that she is at risk due to the criminal exploits of those who plotted to kill him in the first place. Patrick Swayze plays the man who becomes a ghost and Whoopie Goldberg plays the role of the psychic medium. There are some great scenes of how spirits move in and out of bodies in a variety of ways.