Mind Control Liberation

Mind control is accomplished when severe trauma is used to program victims, (usually in childhood), often including sexual abuse, threats, hypnosis, and drugs. This abuse is also ritualistic, repetitive, and secretive. Repetitive torturous cruelties cause memory loss, and thus unconscious mental programming controls the person to act out and behave out of their own control, and out of their own “conscious” choosing.

Such victims live in a mental trance state and they are activated by impulses that they feel driven to obey, and act upon automatically, without heeding any caution. Their spiritual feeling body has literally been driven into a separation over time, and to more extremes, depending on the relentlessness of the ritualistic abusers to perform their dark deeds. They are dark only because they are kept secret and hidden. Thus no love is expressed through them openly.

The dark is love, that has not been received as love, yet to feel and receive the love of murderously powerful feelings of outrage, hatred, and terror, means that a person will have to suffer a great deal of pain, since all feelings that are not felt and received as love, are separated with pain. When the feelings return to be felt in the body, they hurt very intensely.

Until someone has learned how to love these painful aspects of love and life, they will naturally want to resist receiving them, and keep themselves safely separate from the reality of their existence, and the memories that go along with them.

There are many kinds of psychological therapies, and also “New Age” healing therapies, that appear to connect a person with their memories, yet in reality, they are causing the client to experience memories that are in a separation. The memories are only viewed through the mental minds eye, and witnessed, yet not known on a cellular level to be 100% real. The memories appear, yet detached from feeling. Feelings can be stimulated from associated beliefs about the imagery that the client experienced in their mind; (spiritual mental body).

Some body memories are experienced, yet sensations are not enough to validate their past memories as absolutely true.

The mind can play tricks, and there can be distortion that goes undetected. Therefore it is vital that there is a distinction between feeling mentally (outside of the physical self) and feeling authentically, within the physical body; receiving feelings that allow the client to fully validate and remember their historical events as being real memories.

When a person can access their human heart, their intellect and mental faculties are not able to seduce them with self created fears. Authentic excitement felt and received within the human heart, with love, dissolves the habit of being disconnected in a mental trance state. Scalar waves can only seduce you when you live in your mental body. When you are choosing to love whatever you are feeling in your body, you can allow your mind to melt into your heart, as you stay present in the now as your adult self. As an adult you can choose clearly, without being manipulated by outside forces.

A person who is a victim of mind control is known to disassociate their feelings, have multiple personalities, and these programmed alters (alternate personas) are programmed to act out different behaviors, with different triggers. The triggers are actually spurts of remembered feelings that fuel a reactive action. The person is basically traumatized into being split into an altered state of awareness, thus they do not experience themselves as their physical human body. Instead they are obsessed with their self image, and need constant assurance that only feeds their immaturity instead of empowering them to be mature and feel safe as an adult.

The spurts of feelings cause panic attacks, moments where they are close to remembering a past trauma, yet can not quite access it since they are terrified of remembering, thus they are also terrified of re-feeling the experience, thus the reason why they do not remember their trauma clearly. The specific programs or programmed behavior that was coerced into them during extreme traumatic ritualistic abuse continues to run them until they can see where they have full power over their own choices and actions. Accessing ones own power comes when we practice feeling all of our feelings as love, and slowing down enough to receive them, and express them fully.

When authentic feelings of rage and hatred, and terror, (to name a few) are felt and received as love, and there is a conscious choice to choose kindness, and to feel compassion, a person who has been ritually abused can now remember the truth of their memories and know that their hatred is a refuge of kindness that has allowed them to survive their abusive childhood and past. Many childhood survivors were not believed. It was not until war veterans came home from Vietnam displaying similar symptoms and behaviors, that anyone believed the many adult survivors who shared their horrific memories of being ritualistically abused.

If a survivor does remember their trauma, they often maintain normalcy at a certain level of functioning, yet most of the time they have some sort of obsessive habit that keeps them in a mild state of shock and disbelief and denial. It is important to look at our sexual fantasies and learn from them. Our sexual fantasies tell us a lot about our desires. Our desires are often the result of induced feelings and manipulative tactics that are part of the mind control trauma experience. Thus what we believe are our true desires, are not at all our true desires. Usually these programmed desires are 180 degrees off of what our real true desires are. Only through integrating our feelings, can we discover and know our real desires. Our real desires are the ones that will give us the most real pleasure.

If we are programmed to only know our self from our mind, then we witness our self from an outer place of awareness that does not really connect with our physical body. We still feel energy and sensations, thus we do not know that we are not really connecting to our body. Even if we are athletic, we still can be very detached from the reality of feeling fully within our physical body. The mind is tricky, and that is why the gauge for authentically knowing is with our feelings in our body, and most importantly in our loving kind human hearts.

Basically a lot of what is taught to us about mind control tactics are on a certain level meant to frighten us and have us believe that we are out of control and not able to know who we are and what we are choosing. Mental fear can cause us to panic, since we naturally want to feel safe. There is always an edge of concern for our real safety in a universe that many times appears to be more powerful than we are. The physical experience of feeling all of our human feelings as love shows us how blessed we are. From this place we are able to access our true inner source of empowerment. It is through slowing down and staying focused in the now, that we are able to receive more love, compassion, and wisdom. A wise sense of inner knowing grounds us, and we feel peaceful.

The feelings that were not safe for us to feel or express during childhood, are waiting to be felt and received within us, to resolve our understanding of what happened to us. If someone suddenly begins to feel deeply, they will often feel more like a child, than a grown up, since they consciously leave their present moment and go back in time to when the past abuse occurred. They may even act out of control, and have a temper tantrum, as if they were a child again, since their feelings feel overwhelming to them. Even though they are an adult person, an event that happens that has similar dynamics to their past trauma will cause them to regress. Experiencing feelings that are brought up by a re-stimulation of a past experience is an example of how our unconsciousness becomes conscious for us to heal the circumstances and re-evaluate the situation.

The more that we choose to stay present as an adult and allow our inner child (and children) to come into our adult human heart, then the more we are able to heal our past and stop constantly focusing on our unresolved issues that exist there.

Another part of healing mind control abuse is understanding our role in the abuse on a spiritual level, and being able to accept that the collusion that we had with our abusers was a part of our spiritual journey towards liberating our spirit, trusting in Divinity, and trusting in the God/Goddess of our own understanding; to the point where we realize that all of our past injustices were actually part of our making; a part of our souls design for our spiritual growth and our physical healing. Something to push against, and survive victorious!

I assist people who have survived such traumas, as I have personal experience with my own healing from these wounded patterns and negative conditions. I have become very intuitive and I believe that intuitiveness is a natural state for all healthy human beings. I am essentially a life coach for someone who wants to learn how to empower themselves and be free from the limiting aspects of such mental anguish. The key is to learn how to feel and receive through your human heart and your physical body. Most people’s habit is to disperse and experience themselves external from their physical body.

Once you know how to really be present and stay in your body, you can continuously choose to stay present and not be seduced away again. Your consciousness has enough presence and power to resist living in a trance state or feeling like an insecure helpless child stuck in the past. When your mature adult self chooses love, kindness, and presence, persistently, you have a confidence that gives you permission to be your self more, and enjoy the blessings of life, and of course, share them with others. We are all very blessed, and it takes finding a way that truly serves our highest good, to know that we are deserving of all the best things that life has to offer us.

Since many of the ritualistic abusive traumas included some sexual traumas, (even if only emotionally or mentally perpetrated) there is a necessity to look at what we believe about human intimacy and about creation. I encourage victims of mind control to look into learning more about Loving Human Sexuality, when they are ready to heal these issues as well. Our pelvis holds many blessings, as long as love is chosen before sex, and thus sex is not an act just for the sake of sex; instead sex is a spiritual union that is very healing, and very human, and very loving, and nurturing for our spirit, our heart, and for our soul.

Sex has become distorted through the media, yet there are pioneers in the area of Loving Human Sexuality, who are conscious of how to educate people to be conscious of how to be kind in their attempts to be sexually intimate with others. There are some Tantra educators that are teaching about sexuality, yet they are actually unaware of how improper their practices are, and that they are unknowingly violating our spirits, instead of healing them. The specific distinctions of how our spirit flows within and around our own bodies, and the bodies of other people that we connect with, is a very important actuality that is helpful to be aware of. Healthy conscious sex allows us to experience more love, more pleasure, and thus receive more of our tangible blessings.