Loving Kindness

Welcome to my loving kindness page. I have created this page to offer some specific information to my clients about my sensual healing sessions. Many of you have seen and read a fair amount about Tantra on the internet and in books.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that has been known to have many meanings. One of the main meanings that I am aware of is “To bring spirit into matter”, thus often the word Tantra is known to mean union; as in a union of our spirit merging more into our physical body. When our spirit descends more into our body, we feel more love, and thus we feel peaceful, safe, relaxed, and vital, all at once.

To experience more of your spirit integrating into your body, the first step is to learn how to have your central channel open. When a person can feel connected to their own source of loving presence, they feel empowered and receptive to others. Our spirit is love, and despite a few vulnerable moments, most of our connections with our spirit are incredibly liberating and pleasurable. As I massage my clients, I am guiding them to experience having their channel open.

Often time’s people have a habit of resisting their pleasure. Often men do this to prevent being premature. There are many incorrect tactics that are actually very damaging. Some are mental tactics like excessive focus on fantasy alone, that creates a huge separation from your lover and also from your being able to have your channel open.

Other damaging tactics involve tensing and contracting leg and butt muscles to the point where a residue of unfelt painful feelings from violent past life death experiences arise from the unconscious.


This last point is very unknown and very shocking to realize. Even though we are only focused on our present day lives, the multi-dimensional facets of our spirit and our consciousness include all of the memories of many past lives. Our past contracted feelings would mostly stay in the unconscious past memory banks, if we could relax and surrender to a flow of pleasure that is available for us to feel in the here and now. When we resist our pleasure, we are telling our inner and outer world awareness that we prefer contracted feelings over our relaxed pleasurable feelings. Thus our universe mirrors our choice and allows contracted feelings to flow instead. Contracted feelings are feelings that could not be felt in the body since they were too extremely painful, or terrifying.


The wisdom of our spirit, and of our human ability to be loving and kind, also demands that we stay present and connected with our life experiences. Yet most unfortunately, many people are afraid of being themselves, since their self image worries about many things. Our feelings and worries affect our ability to choose consciously to change our life, since often what is affecting us is hidden in our unconscious habits, patterns, and behaviors.


We worry about being received, cared for, loved, threatened, going crazy, dying, feeling pain, being hurt emotionally, feeling our feelings of anger, hate, jealousy, sadness, etcetera. We worry about being perfect, about not making mistakes, about not failing, and not looking stupid. Every worry we have affects our life, our consciousness, and our intimate exchanges.


We worry about hurting people, and about being hurt by people. We worry about our self image, and we have power and control issues. We have unresolved issues concerning how we feel about the opposite sex, and about our needy feelings. We worry about our desire to feel loved and share love, and what that really means about us. We worry about having our desires satisfied. We are afraid to be honest to ourselves and others. We all have a lot of issues.


Many of our issues actually have to do with unexpressed, unconscious, and unfelt feelings. We are all very psychic and sensitive and we are all affected by every person we share space with. This means the people we are in meetings with, massage sessions, lovemaking, family living, work environments, etcetera.

We are all in one big soup of consciousness.


Even though there are ways that we psychically take on suffering, the main way is through contracted sex experiences, where we are resisting feeling our pleasure and disassociating from our intimate connections by leaving the reality of our moment by fantasizing, and resisting our feelings. We often lack presence when we are afraid to just be ourselves and share truthfully in the moment, everything that we are feeling and experiencing. We hide a lot.


We hide our inner world, since often we do not feel safe to share our truth.

There are many reasons why we have this habit of not being one hundred percent real within our communications. The biggest problem is that we mostly live in our mind. Our mind is our mental body, which is an invisible part of our spirit, and thus our consciousness. If we can access our feelings in our body and the truth in our hearts, then we can feel safe enough to share much easier.


Yet learning to feel more in our hearts, and not be stuck in our minds, takes a lot of time to accomplish in a fully solid way. Once we are more in our hearts, and feeling more grounded and connected to our body, we are then able to share more lovingly and truthfully, and share with more kindness and real compassion for others and ourselves at the same time.


Our lives are dependent upon our becoming more conscious of our unconscious programming, to allow us to advance our abilities of communicating, and being able to make choices to evolve the progress of our own human development. In the area of sexuality there is a great need for more awareness and true understanding. Sexuality opens up our unconsciousness to become present and affect our spirit, and thus our body, in present time reality.


The most direct part of our spirit connection to our physical body, is actually our astral body, or unconsciousness, also called our subconscious. Our astral body directly affects many aspects of our physical body and our physical abilities. Within the many levels of unconsciousness that we each have as part of our spirit, are many memories of past incarnations, on our beloved planet Earth.


Now that our planet Earth has descended into deeper density, we are all affected by the deeper access to experiencing our bodies, our feelings, and our conscious mental awareness. We have recently descended into the fourth dimension, a shift that is affecting everyone’s astral levels, which are the levels of unconsciousness that make up our subconscious spirit body. Our subconscious spirit body is the deepest connection to the heavy density of the Earth planes.


There are a hundred astral levels. These levels of unconsicousness make up our lower body, or dark spirit body. Within our dark spirit is every feeling that was too painful for us to feel in a previous incarnation. Our past memories and feelings are suppressed into our dark unconsciousness, to allow us to focus on our present life time challenges, and choices. The subconscious spirit body is called dark, since darkness keeps things hidden and secret.


Our ignorance, or unawareness of our subconscious, allows us to heal our unconscious, since in our conscious waking life, we are affected by our unconscious, to the point of having the unconscious patterns bring up similar issues in our present life, that are still left unresolved from our past lives.

Hypnosis can assist us in becoming more conscious of our past issues and then being able to see how those issues affect our present life experiences.

The most major way that our unconscious affects our present lifetime, is when we open up during sex.


When we are sexual, we are feeling some level of either excitement or joyful pleasure. Since pleasure is something that people do enjoy feeling, they are often able to experience receiving these feelings rather easily. If a person resists these feelings though, for a variety of reasons, they fear opening up deeply to their pleasure, they create heavy painful residues of past life time feelings to emerge into present time.


Issues of shame can keep people from consciously enjoying their pleasure. Also people who are very psychic, fear opening up too much during sex, since they fear becoming conscious of something that they are not able to understand, explain or deal with in the moment. Usually though, men fear their pleasure, as they want to maintain their erection to give their lover a longer time of feeling the pleasure of intercourse. If a men feels his pleasure too much, and too quickly, he often fears he will ejaculate too fast and lose his erection.


Thus as a strategy of maintaining his erection, a man often tightens in his inner pelvic muscles to slow the flow of excited feelings. If these feelings of excitement are resisted even subtly for more than three seconds, painful contracted feelings are dredged up out of the subconscious spirit body which connects to the pelvis in the area known as the perineum, at the base of our body’s torso. The perineum is located between the testicals and rectum of a man’s body. Inside of the perineum, is the PC muscle, which a man tightens to stop his fluids from flowing out of his uretha.


The PC muscle can be pulsed and held in a tightened holding for three seconds, as a method of moving excited feelings out of the pelvis, to disipate all of the pressure of excited feelings from staying localized in the penis. There is a method of breathing along with the proper tightening of the PC muscle, to get excited feelings to flow throughout the whole body, which allows a man to maintain his erection correctly.


Since contracted feelings that exist in the subsconscious spirit body arise into the present moment when pelvic muscles are held contracted too long, it is vital for a man to learn how to be very present and conscious of what he is feeling in his pelvis during lovemaking and during masturbation. It takes some practice to allow feelings of pleasure to flow without resisting them by tightening in the butt, leg, foot, or pelvic muscles. Some men even tighten up their back and strain their necks at the moment of ejaculation, or during intercourse.


If unknowingly, a man holds his body’s muscles in contractions for too long during love making, (and especially while climaxing and ejaculating); past contracted feelings of pain, terror, anger, and hatred, arise out of the subconscious-astral body and these contracted feelings disperse into, and merge with, our present spirit, which affects our physical body in many ways.


Some of these residues manifest as menstrual cramps, exhaustion, back pain, and indigestion. Many times, people are unaware of the origin of these physical pains and symptoms. Learning how to relax and receive pleasure instead of resisting it is a valuable experience to have. At first it takes practice to slow down and be present as we receive our feelings and relax.


Other symptoms are flu like body aches, sore throat, feelings of miserable grumpiness, bitchiness, and depression, including a whole litany of intense feelings of unrest, worry, suffocation, and any other feeling that relates to the specific memories attached to the contracted feelings that arose into the present time space when the contractions were held during sexual experiences.


Most people are not aware of these residues that are created during sex, until they have been able to integrate their spirit to be more connected to their physical body. This integration takes quite a long time to manifest, depending on any person particular variety of habits. Some people, fear being hurt so much, that they psychically scan every person they come in contact with, to insure that they are safe around them.


This habit of scanning people’s auras, causes people to clear the residues out of a person’s light body and central channel. Then the person never has a chance to notice their own issues, since they are always clearing everybody elses stuff. A person can still achieve an integration of their spirit, even though they have a habit of taking on a lot of other people’s residues, yet it takes consistent focus on healing and feeling practices, and being facilitated by a very wise and compassionate teacher.


Life is not as simple as we would like it to be, and when it comes to sexuality, and Tantra practices, there is a great deal of unknown realities that are severely affecting many people. I hope that I can be of assistance to those who really wish to learn how to be sexual in a kind way that does not cause harm to themselves or others. I hope to attract people who really want to feel more pleasure and are open to learning without having to obsessively sexualize me.


Even though I enjoy being open sexually, I only want to open up with people who are willing to learn and who are open to being taught by a woman. Even though I teach many Tantric love making practices, I still want to maintain a loving presence with people. Sometimes, maintaining a loving presence is just way too much focus for the average person. Sexual intimacy has many facets to it and the intensity of intimacy is a big part of the healing exchange that occurs when two people share sexually.


Our desires are many, and yet our needs are simple. Although communicating how we feel is very challenging, since there are many psychological issues that affect our self image, and our inner feelings, according to our beliefs and our past unresolved experiences. There are many things going on all at once within us, and it takes time for us to be able to consciously become aware of everything that is triggering us to feel many things at once.


Other residue producing habits include a habit of not sharing what you are feeling or thinking when you are making love with your partner. It is important to go slow and tune in to your self, just as much as you focus and tune in with your lover. When you are very tuned in to yourself and your own feelings first and foremost, then you are actually more conscious of what is going on when you are sharing with your lover.


Going into a fantasy is a habit of imagining something that one desires. It is great to acknowledge your desires, yet it is vital that you do not habitually fantasize and imagine something that is not happening for real, since this creates a really huge separation of your spirit from your body. It is much healthier to directly communicate your desires to the person you want to connect with. This is a mature act and an honest one, and it keeps you grounded in reality.


Direct communication is the kindest way to share with others. When you share directly with people, you have to take a risk to be more authentic, and yet the blessing is that in your exposure, you are not creating suppressive and hurtful residues. For example a man can project with his thoughts on to the image of a woman, his desire for her to give him oral sex.


When a man fantasizes that the object of his desire is pleasing his penis orally, the woman receives the psychic residues of the actual act, as if it was actually occurring, and since the mental focus was kept secret, the woman can suffer the residues of the unexpressed desires. Unexpressed desires cause neck and throat pain. The kindest thing to do, when you desire to connect with someone is to first talk with them, get acquainted, and ask permission, before projecting on to them.


The residues created when people keep secrets like this, can only be felt instantly, when a person has a deep integration of their spirit in their body. The practices of Cellular Memory Healing are a major way that people can feel deep enough to allow for this depth of spiritual integration. When our spirit descends and integrates into our physical body, we become much kinder and more compassionate as human beings, since we are aware of our tender feelings.


In my sensual session, as I guide you to have your channel open, I can show you how to stay present and express your desires in present time. Since many people pleasure themselves alone, it is best to learn how to make these solitary practices become healing experiences where you continue to practice feeling more pleasure, while choosing to be more conscious of your desires to share sexually with others.


Part of the practice of having your channel open, includes learning how to share simply and yet very intimately with others, in a very straight forward and honest way while making love. Too much hiding and keeping your feelings a secret cause your spirit to disconnect and separate into outer spirit worlds and mental trance states.

I teach techniques to men and women that allows a man to maintain his erection for long periods of time during love making and during masturbation.


A man can feel full body and multiple orgasmic feelings while being able to make love continuously for a long duration. These techniques solve the challenge of premature ejaculation, teaching a man how to make love for as long as he desires. As these techniques are continually practiced repeatedly, the man experiences full body sensual feelings that are very expanded and intensified.


Sometimes memories previously suppressed in the unconscious, surface and are remembered as orgasmic feelings flow powerfully through your central channel. Usually this will happen when you go over your edge fully, allowing the full forceful flow of your pleasurable feelings to flow through your central channel. Feelings are very connected with memories. This is the reason you may suddenly remember something from your past which previously had been forgotten and stored in your subconscious. When your channel is open the unconscious can become conscious and the past can come to present time to be received as love.


I also offer healing prostate massages, and healing g-spot massages, in which I am able to touch someone with a lot of love, and guide them to receive their feelings deeper in their body. If a man feels safe enough to experience this, it can be a really amazing experience for them. Women too, gain a great healing and feeling awareness from a loving touch within the vagina at the area called the g-spot, which is the interior mound behind the clitoris.


This technique will really connect a person’s spirit deeper into their body. This healing is only for those who feel safe enough and want to experience it. This kind of touch in never forced on anyone. It must be done very gently and slowly, and with a loving presence. I am able to hold a space of love while touching people to soften hardened residues of contracted feelings that are held in the body. I guide people to have their channel open and focus to stay present with their feelings to receive their feelings as healing blessings.


Once you have succeeded in experiencing having your channel open, to feel more of your loving spirit flowing within your self, then in the next lesson, I can show you how to massage your lover, touching them with love while having your central channel open. I explain to men, how to properly stimulate a woman to feel full body pleasure. I teach women and men and couples how to make love with their channels open, and how to communicate intimately while being conscious of sharing their truth and staying present as they experience their partners’ responses. Together these techniques, allow our spirit to descend into our body and give us deep healing and feelings of peace and relaxation.


It is vital that we choose to be receptive of our feelings, and not just operating from our mental imagery and thoughts, otherwise the danger is that our spirit separates from our body into purely mental states and heightened states of sensation that are static and over time become boring. Only feelings and sensations that are received in the density of our physical cells truly give us a healing in our body and our heart. It is authentic feelings of love and pleasure that will expand our capacity to feel more loving, conscious, and compassionate.


We want our heart to feel tender and gentle, even when we feel intense feelings of anger, or hatred. Our deepest joy includes every feeling that we feel, and every feeling deepens our conscious awareness of all that we are.

If someone suppressed their anger, it deposits inside of their pelvis, which then causes them to avoid feeling deeply inside of their pelvis during sex.

This is a major cause of people only feeling a static bliss, a sensation of pleasure, rather than an all pervasive deep feeling of healing warmth and love.


I hope that this page of information has assisted you with a better understanding of the services that I offer. Basically, I begin at the beginning and give you a variety of beginning techniques to learn and practice, to better your sexual and intimate experiences. Th e first lesson requires that you begin with a focus on your own body and yourow nfeelings. It is possible to gain many benefits in the beginning with a purely therapeutic session. Although a therapeutic session does not include sensual stimulation. A therapeutic session focuses on feelings of pain, yet only to the degree that you can feel and receive your pain in your body as love. Too much pain causes our spirit to separate and then when we are in shock from too much pain, we do not receive a healing. It takes subtle focus and awareness to be conscious of the difference between integration, and shock.

When we feel our feelings, other feelings arise, since all of our feelings are all connected. Thus even deep feelings of pleasure can cause grief to surface. Or feelings of pain felt and received can allow joy to emanate. Our orgasmic feelings increase when we are able to love, feel, and express everyone of our many different feelings. Please feel free to call me to discuss any questions that you have about my services. I will then tell you the cost of my sessions.


I am in the midst of updating all of my website information. Eventually I will have my session prices posted. I also offer iridology readings (iris analysis), if you have concerns about your physical health. There are many different causes of lacking vitality that can be discovered through iris analysis. Then natural dietary suggestions are offered as remedies for you.


Please be sure to care enough to be kind, and be mature enough to be honest, in regards to contacting me. I will gladly show you the same respect and care.

When it comes to sexuality, there are many unresolved issues that cause people to act out in ways that are not kind and considerate. The subtle differences take time to fully comprehend. I will do my very best to communicate clearly with you, to give you a better understanding of any issues affecting us.


Blessings, Deborah.