Loving Human Sexuality

Our sexuality is linked to creation. With love as the ruling factor in creation, (including what we experience as divinity and blessings), how we connect during physical intimacy affects our whole being on many levels; many of which we are not consciously aware of.

Becoming more conscious of what is vital for our betterment and forward advancement as human beings, will eventually change our outer world situations, as well as our inner world experiences. This path of conscious practice is definitely arduous, and a raw new frontier that is often misrepresented, unknowingly. Many different aspects of our selves can get in the way of our having an authentically healing experience, in the area of our sexual unions.

There is a great deal of hyper sensationalism around sex in the media. Successful and well educated Tantra teachers, who are very experienced with their teachings, and sexual practices, are often not aware of some very crucial realities in the area of sexuality. In fact they are oblivious to some extremely crucial realities. I used to be one of those teachers. Even though I questioned some of the standard Tantra teachings, I had no access to an actual certainty of truth, concerning sexual practices, until I was able to feel on a much deeper level within my physical body.

I was following the advice and instructions of Tantra teachers, and educating myself with a variety of spiritual counselors, some of whom have attained worldwide fame, and appear to be the most enlightened and caring individuals. And they are very caring people yet they are overlooking important realities. For instance, true boundaries are unconsciously overlooked due to practices that expand the light body only (spirit) instead of integrating the light body to be received within the physical body. Thus many teachers are teaching Tantra, yet from a place of separation, seduction, and unloved and undisclosed darkness; (secrets).

I gratefully found a path that gave me some very vital experiences, some profound awakenings, and some most unexpected healing, in the area of sexuality. The journey began by practicing Cellular Memory Healing. The main practice involves feeling and receiving love, in our human hearts. In choosing love and kindness, for myself, and others, to the best of my abilities, from moment to moment, I am continually finding what expands me in a positive way; thus allowing me to receive my spiritual blessings.

One of the major keys is to see where our choice is a choice based on being loving and kind, as opposed to a choice that is dark and cruel. The later is often an unconscious choice or habit, and the differences between loving and dark choices are often overlooked, and not acknowledged.

I have found that many of our physical ailments, subluxations, and even accidents, actually stem from dark choices, especially unconscious sexual habits. There are many things that people do not openly share and communicate, and in the area of sexuality, this can be very debilitating. How we relate sexually, affects us on a very deep level, and in ways that we may not even be aware of. Our emotional personality is affected, along with our physical health, and our spiritual consciousness.

If you have ever wondered about Tantra teachings, (Sacred Sexuality), and were not sure of its validity or safety; perhaps you may want to consider learning about simple and honest “Loving Human Sexuality”. Loving Human Sexuality is simple in the area of being kind and choosing love and openness; although many of our ideals and desires about sexual intimacy contain complex psychological aspects that have become convoluted and distorted.

Often what someone thinks is a kind choice is really a very cruel choice; yet mentally the choice has been distorted. These distortions are lies that we tell our self to keep our self safe from feeling our truth. This way we stay childlike and do not take responsibility for what we are creating, nor expose where we hide behind a mask to maintain a false self image.

Our real pleasure lies in us being able to be our authentic self. It takes time to unlearn behavior that has covered over and occluded our true self.

Improper sexual habits cause unresolved and unfelt feelings from the present and past to reside in our central wisdom channel. This causes people to feel in many different ways; that are very unpleasant, painful, aggressive, and obsessive. These feelings that feel extremely painful, even to the point of feeling murderously painful, are mostly due to unfelt and unconscious feelings that are dispersed out of the pelvis area during orgasm. This happens mainly when a person is physically tightening and contracting the muscles in their butt, and/or legs and feet during orgasm. Pulsing and flowing movements can alleviate the damaging effects of habitual resisting and contracting against orgasmic pleasure.

There are several other considerations that are also responsible for painful unfelt feelings to flow and affect a person’s spirit both mentally and emotionally.

Indulging in fantasies during love making also creates a huge separation that allows for painful dark feelings to violate the spirit of the people involved. There is a way to express desires that exposes fantasies, that does not cause damage, yet the difference has to be felt to be understood. Honesty and relaxation are very important aspects of intimate sharing that increase feelings of authentic pleasure during love making.

People who have been traumatized sexually, and who have later obsessed about sex, or felt guilty about sex, as a result of their original abuse, have mental distortions that are a result of their habit to separate their spirit while they were being violated. To really heal their separation, continuous practicing of feeling their authentic feelings has to occur over time, (years of practice) before their spirit will integrate to a level of density deep within themselves, allowing them to be conscious of what feelings are there own, and what feelings they take on from others, or when they are discharging their own feelings.

It really does take years to know what we were once very sure of (being a deeply felt feeling), was really only a subtle energy, (a peripheral portion) of our more authentic deep feelings. When we practice enough to feel our feelings very deeply, we gain a very profound connection to our own physical fleshy heart. Our heart is now very tender and soft, and we are ever more conscious of anything that may attempt to harden it. We become gentler, and less reactive; more compassionate, and less judgmental.

It must be noted that people who work in the sex industry, or people who work in prisons, or people who spend time with people who manipulate their feelings with drugs, or alcohol repeatedly, are the most susceptible to the effects of unfelt feelings that are kept hidden and secret, yet disperse outwardly from people’s bodies. Our spirit and our feelings are invisible, yet we can feel them. The feelings that go unexpressed, or are unconscious, cause other people who are intimately connected to these people, to experience a variety of pains an sicknesses, including having accidents, and creating distortions in the muscles and skeletal structure of the body.

The reason that these situations are created from unfelt feelings is that feelings have a powerful impact on the actions and choices of our world; yet feelings that are not felt and received with love (without judgment and without being dispersed or discharged and thus physically reacted to), are in a dark separation, and waiting until someone will feel and receive them with love. If love is not chosen and known to be every feeling that we feel, then people reactively want to abuse back at the world somehow with their unresolved issues about their feelings.

This is the classic case of the victim who perpetrates the same crime that was violated upon them in the first place. The aspect of revenge and aggressively choosing to hurt another person is an aspect of reactive feelings that are in a separation and are often connected to past hurts, and wounded beliefs. When people behave this way, they are feeling more like a child and less like a mature adult. There is a process of growing up that is taking us many lifetimes to accomplish. This process involves our faith and belief in love, and of course, our choice to choose love and kindness relentlessly.

We are descending fully into density before we can ascend successfully. In time our mental self merges with our physical heart, and we are more of a human being, than a human thinking or a human doing. The dark is love that has not been received as love. When we feel deep enough, we know this to be true. In our knowing we choose our excitement and joy (our love), over all. We do not make excuses to continue making dark choices. We expose, and liberate our darkness, by receiving it with love. This in turn increases our capacity of love, and increases our ability to feel and receive our spiritual blessings.

The main pioneers of this healing awareness include, Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen, John and Eva Pierrakos, and my teacher Marcus Daniels.

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More Loving Human Sexuality

Conscious sexual practices teach people how to feel and receive more pleasure in their bodies, during love making. It is important to learn what sexual practices cause limiting or debilitating sexual habits, since a residue of unloved, unfelt, and unexpressed feelings can cause harm to ourselves and others when we are not conscious of them and how they affect us and others physically.

In the area of sexuality, issues of cruelty are magnified to extremes in many ways and in many places on our planet. Deep in the subconscious, many wounded issues are layered within many levels of unconsciousness. Conscious love making practices can heal these deep wounds. Honesty is one major core piece that must be chosen for any real healing to manifest. Slow and patient awareness practices allow people to experience a beautiful quality of intimacy that enriches their physical union in a profoundly pleasurable and spiritual way.

These teachings are for people who are ready and willing to choose love before sexuality, and who are interested in healing their own personal life challenges that have to do with creation issues. Fertility challenges, and also life threatening health challenges that are affecting the reproductive system itself can all respond to healing and loving touch that is designed to connect people with their deep feelings and personal issues.

Special consensual healing sessions are available for people with prostate illness, or any illness or trauma in the vagina, uterus, or rectum area. These healings are specifically for people who require a healing in their pelvic area.