Favorite Links & Books

Here is a list of my favorite links and books that share healing information and services:


To learn about a very authentic way of healing the physical body of many ailments, with the number one culprit being indigestion that creates inner toxicity, please check out the amazing healing work of Aajonus Vonderplanitz. He has two books, and his most recent book is called “The Recipe for Living without Disease”. His first book is called “We Want To Live”. You can find excerpts of his book, testimonials and other information about the primal diet, by going to his website: www.primaldiet.com

Aajonus has done forty years of research on the subject of nutrition and has been one of my favorite mentors. I highly recommend learning about his methods, if not for your self, at least to share with others who are in desperate need perhaps, of a way to heal cancer without the use of drugs, radiation, or surgeries. Also he has another website that is found at this link: www.wewant2live.com 

Update: I was just informed that Aajonus passed into spirit August 2013 from a surprise accident while at his health retreat in Thailand. His work is being continued by those who have benefited from his amazing understanding of how the body heals with nutrition. He taught me many things about diet and iridology. He was also a passionate advocate for changing laws and upholding our freedom when it comes to our access to healing foods.

Also find more research on healing with raw food diets on these two websites:

www.westonaprice.org and www.price-pottenger.org

The work of these two men in the field of nutrition is ground breaking work that proves that natural uncooked foods keep a body disease free and also heals genetic weaknesses over time, meaning that we can heal a weakness we were born with all through eating organic raw foods. Doctor Pottenger has a great book called Pottenger’s Cats, that highlight scientific dietary experiments he did on cats over a ten year time period. Dr. Price is a famous dentist who proved that a pure diet free of sugar prevents dental problems. He traveled the world and found indigenous tribes that never suffered from any tooth decay, until sugar was introduced into their lives.


Dr. Victor Earl Irons healed his extreme scoliosis and arthritis with natural supplements and natural ways of detoxifying the body through Tissue Cleansing. His info is found at his website here: www.sonnes.com 


Dr. Bernard Jensen is a famous Iridologist who helped people to reverse diseases naturally with diet and the Tissue Cleansing program that he learned from V. E. Irons. Dr. Jensen wrote many books on nutrition and Iris Analysis. His son Art Jensen married Ellen Tart who is now the president of the International Iridology Research Association, an organization that does medical study of the iris patterns; mostly in Germany and Italy. Dr. Jensen’s legacy is cared for by Art and Ellen and his books and charts can all be found at his website here: www.bernardjensen.com


A friend of mine, Vinny Pinto, has many websites of his own. He is a spiritual energy healer and also writes and teaches about scientific advancements in the field of nutrition. Here is one of his websites that I imagine will also connect to his other sites as well. www.rawpaleodiet.org


My friend Cynthia Lamborne is the inventor of the famous g-spot massage wand. This wand is a tool for easily accessing the g-spot area for both men and women. She also has several articles on Tantra posted on her website. One of the benefits of g-spot massage is that it allows us to focus more on how we are feeling in our pelvis area. Her website is:  www.lovenectar.com


My friend Jon Fox has a wonderful website that is a must for people who are interested in advanced healing awareness. His use of inert gases is nothing less than amazing! This will certainly rock most peoples’ paradigms! Also Jon channels a wonderful spiritual being known as Hilarion. Please check out Jon’s website at this link: www.hilarion.com


Learn about the characteristics of the mythological archetypes that describe the personalities of the twelve zodiac signs by learning about Shamanic Astrology. Especially learn about the Venus and Mars cycles that affect your own astrology chart. A friend of mine, Daniel Giamario is the creator of Shamanic Astrology. He has an excellent book called “The Shamanic Astrology Handbook”. Daniel teaches along with Caylen Castelle who co-authored his book and also teaches about Shamanic Astrology. Click on www.shamanicastrology.com

Check out the written works of Wilhelm Reich, a genius of a man who taught many people about psychological healing and healing sexuality issues. His books are available here:www.wilhelmreichmuseum.org/bookstore.html



There is darkness in the light body, just as much as there is light in the dark; a paradox of life. The answers lie in our choices from moment to moment which requires incredible presence as we continue to progress. As we expand with more love and light, more darkness is attracted to us, to be received with love and to be received as love (with no separation). The key is where there is receiving, within our human heart, instead of a mental separation in consciousness that is devoid of feeling.

The best reference of this that I have found is in a book by Eva Pierrakos, called “Fear No Evil”. This can be found along with transcripts of the lectures that were put into this book form at www.pathwork.org

If you order a copy of “Fear No Evil”, by Eva Pierrakos, you may want to purchase a used copy, since it is half price, and it is still in very good condition. Usually it is a copy that was bought new and returned. There are several other books that were compiled from Eva’s lectures that are all available through the pathwork website. Also Eva was the wife of John Pierrakos who was my teacher’s teacher. There are also books written by John Pierrakos on the pathwork website, including a book about a healing modality that he created called “Core Energetics”. He also has a book on the different types of human love.

Loving Human Sexuality:

Any books written by Alexander Lowen are very insightful. Many of his books are now out of print though, thus you may have to scout around to find them at some of the online book stores. He has written many books about sexuality, orgasm, and pleasure. One of my favorites is titled “Love, Sex, and Your Heart. Alexander was a psychologist who studied with Wilhelm Reich in New York city, along with John Pierrakos. Mr. Lowen also created a healing modality he called “Bio-Energetics”.

Other excellent books written by Alexander Lowen are:

Narcissism, Pleasure, Betrayal of the Body, Love & Orgasm: (read chapters on Money & Power; The Double Standard)


Healing Money Awareness:


I recommend a book called “Money is My Friend”, By Phil Laut, Jeffrey Combs, and Lisa Kitter.

I found Phil Laut’s information about how our feelings are a core issue of how we receive money and enjoy money, to be very perceptive and liberating. This is a really awesome book for anyone who is yet to be financially free. The deep psychological reasons for avoiding making money are incredible to begin to understand and feel. I can not say enough about the positive results from Phil Lauts’ teachings on money.

Also Phil has a new partner named Andy Fuehl, and I recently did a seminar with Andy, and Phil has been helping me with some of my money perceptions over the phone, and during free Wednesday night phone conference calls. They have now authored a new book called “Wealth without a Job”. I highly recommend the chapter that teaches people how to properly work with affirmations to reprogram the dreaded subconscious patterns that run our habitual choices concerning receiving money without guilt. Phil Laut has passed away and one of his students has taken over his teaching seminars. Also Andy Fuehl stopped being in a teaching partnership with Phil a few years before Phil passed away. Andy Fuehl teaches Neural Linguistic Programming techniques also. Neuro Linguistic Programming is commonly called NLP for short.

There are many different kinds of healing practices that I have mentioned here that help us to focus on healing through energy practices. Any mental focused practice is only going to work on an energy level. We do have to feel deeper than energy to be able to experience a healing that can reach deeper than energy. Energy is only 30% of authentic feelings. Our thoughts move energetically within our mental awareness. Energy follows thought. Thus our mind is responsible for where our energy is moving.

When we focus our mind on our feelings and on our human heart and choose to love our feelings and receive them as love, we open up our hearts more to loving our feelings and feeling more love and joy, as we consciously focus our mind on choosing love and as we talk about love and verbally say out loud words related to choosing love along our feelings of love. It is vital to authentic healing to include all of our feelings mixing within our feelings of love and joy.

The more we make choices to create more fun, joy and love in our lives, the more pleasure and healing we will experience in our lives. We must fearlessly continue to communicate with words our feelings of love and intimately express our desire to share more love and experience more love with each other. We have to talk to be intimate and communicate. We have to want to be more intimate and initiate that intimacy. We can not experience a healing if we keep our true feelings a secret from each other.

My teacher Marcus Daniels teaches Authentic Feelings in his healing classes that used to be called Cellular Memory Healing. His classes are held in New Jersey and New Hampshire. Please contact me through email if you wish to find out about how to enroll in one of his classes. Also please read his two articles on Healing that are posted on his website under Healing Arts.

His website is:  www.marcusdanielsarts.com


My email address is:   feelingsflowloveinmyheart@yahoo.com   Sincerely, Deborah Carroll.