Cellular Memory Healing

Cellular Memory Healing is a spiritual practice that focuses on being human, and learning how to love every aspect of our self, and others. Our moment to moment presence is chosen, while we feel and receive whatever feeling is present for us in the present moment. With practice we learn how to dwell in our human heart, and be more conscious of how we feel in our physical body. It is a common habit for most people, to be more mentally focused, or to be slightly removed from their presence by having their awareness in a trance state.

By learning how different aspects of our spirit move and connect within us, we learn subtle ways of choosing to be more aware of the feelings that are waiting to be noticed and expressed from within us, to share outwardly. When our inner and outer worlds are more balanced, then our self image will maintain much less of a mask to hide behind. When it comes to facing our more negative issues and feelings, it is vital to have a safe space to share in, along with a facilitator who can guide us without any judgment about what we are expressing.

There are many intense feelings that we often do not have the ability to express, yet we feel these feelings nonetheless.

Anger, hatred, and intense excitement are some of the noisiest feelings that come up to be felt and received with love. All of our feelings mix together, and blend into each other, from moment to moment, allowing us to become much more conscious of what is at the core of our distress and fears.

Love is a feeling, and our spirit is love. In general we can not see our spirit, (although some people are able to see the invisible world through a second sight). Yet we can feel our spirit as it moves through us. As we continue to practice being more conscious of our feelings, and allowing our self to receive them more within our being, and within our hearts, we integrate more of our spirit to stay present and conscious within us. Issues and feelings that were once unconscious, become conscious, as we slow down to feel the depths of our human feelings even more.

Every cell of our body holds memories, and as we allow ourselves to feel more, the memories that are connected to our feelings, may also surface in our consciousness. When our feelings are connected with our memories, we are able to validate their authenticity. Often in regression therapy, people have memories that they are unsure of. In Cellular Memory Healing practices, choosing to express our feelings, often open up past memories that were once forgotten.

During a cellular memory healing session, a person is guided to surrender their breathing habits to relax more, and then they are guided to slow down and stay present, while keeping their eyes open, so that they can be conscious of their connection to their outer world. Depending on the safety of the person experiencing this, they are able to express openly what they are feeling in the moment, to purely express their feelings. It is not necessary that any story be involved with what they are sharing. All that is necessary, is that they allow them self to feel their feelings moving through their body.

As a facilitator, I guide people to continually slow down, to assist them in receiving their feelings in their body. Remember, love is a feeling, and your feelings are part of your spirit, and thus when you receive your feelings more in your body, you become consciously more aware, and you feel more vital and alive, and joyful. Often people feel depressed due to suppressing their more intense feelings of anger, or excitement. As young child growing up, our natural vitality and excitement is often thwarted due to continuous parental controls that attempt to manage our behavior of spontaneously expressing our loud expressive feelings.

Thus at a very young age we learn to hold back our feelings, for fear of upsetting our mother or father. Often too, children experience threatening situations where they are so frightened from being violated with some form of punishment, that then end up being traumatized into separating or shutting down emotionally. Issues of life and death, and of kindness and cruelty, can all be resolved and understood. Our past can be healed when we allow our self to receive it with love, while maintaining the presence of our mature adult self. Some of life’s paradoxes and polarities seem to be inescapable amidst the cause and effect patterning of our existence, yet through feelings we can gain a presence that is aware of a union of positive and negative currents, into one flow of love, in the density of our physical body and our blessed human hearts.

Finding safety in love is a huge blessing. Choosing love takes practice, continually, to feel and receive, and to know the all that we are. As we practice loving our feelings as love, more love, compassion, and spiritual wisdom will come to us. Our main habit is to leave and go out of our presence to find our truth. Yet to really receive our blessings, we must allow our spirit to come to us. When we slow down and really receive more, our blessings can reside within our hearts, and our mental awareness can be fueled by the love of our divinity.

Our world is vast and full. Our divine spiritual presence is shared by many wise beings that are in contact with undying LOVE.