Acting Authentically

Acting Authentically healing practices for Actors.


Feeling authentically is a way to have specific awareness about our human feelings, for the purpose of healing and also for the awareness of how to access our feelings easier and quicker. Cellular Memory Healing techniques and awareness practices can greatly benefit any actor. The result is feeling more confident, and self assured when it comes to expressing a variety of human feelings. The difference is a more connected and fully authentic experience of all of the different feelings that are a part of our human psyche, and our human being-ness.

Feelings are deeper than energy flows and compared to emotions, manifest much deeper levels of passion and love; that are much more vulnerable in their presentation. An actor is appreciated for his/her ability to be believable and to gain our sympathy or pathos. We love witnessing depth that we might not be able to access within ourselves, yet we can vicariously experience when we watch a great performance in the movies or on stage. There are specific techniques that allows a person to begin to feel quickly and then be able to access authentic feelings spontaneously when working on a movie set or in a play on stage.

Cellular Memory Healing can offer a very intense edge to your feeling experience. I guide you to express some of your more intense feelings deliberately while punching on a punching bag. This allows you to notice how your feelings flow through your body, as you share out loud. Through practice, it is easy to get to a place where you can get over any old habits of resisting or holding back when it is your time to share. I personally have found that I feel much more freedom to spontaneously express myself. Also I am able to maintain my presence and be conscious of how my acting partner is responding.

When it comes to intense feelings of excitement, it is important that a person maintains their presence, and stays grounded within their physical body. This keeps whatever intense feeling that the actor is expressing believable, since the actor is actually allowing themselves to be out of control, while containing the full force of their emotion. Emotion is actually a word that describes energy in motion. Authentic feelings are much deeper than energy. Authentic feelings are deeper than sensations also. Thus when feelings are focused on, the energies and sensations will follow. If an actor over amps their expression, the energy can take them out of their body, causing them to disperse their presence and their grounding.

Unless a role requires this kind of emotional discharging, it is best to be in touch with the true qualities of the feeling, since that is where the blessings are, and that is where an actor can connect more intuitively and assuredly to their inner core. Of course some of this comes to us naturally as we get into it, and practice many times, yet it is awesome to find a way in, that allows your inner connectedness to express as if you are really living the part.

The methods I teach for opening the central spirit channel in the body, are also very helpful when someone has the jitters and is very nervous about going into an audition where they are expected to perform almost flawlessly on cue.

There are specific mental focusing methods and relaxed breathing and presence practice that work to keep someone very grounded and focused on their feelings in their body. A great actor is believable due to his/her ability to act natural and be believable in their presentation of a character. The inner world connection with accessing their feelings spontaneously is one main element that helps any actor be able to move into expressing different feelings on the spur of the moment when prompted in an audition setting.

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