I am available to assist people in several ways with a variety of healing bodywork and/or counseling sessions.

I offer deep healing massage sessions that can include the Touch of Structure bodywork, cellular memory healing, neuro-structural bodywork techniques, and Tantra massage and education sessions.

I also include some cranial sacral and somatic practices.

The main thing that I teach as part of my bodywork session is the cellular memory healing, which shows a person how to slow down enough to be able to feel and receive their feelings in their body, to allow for a more peaceful relaxed experience.

I offer Iridology Eye Analysis, and Nutrition Counseling as well. Iridology is a way to see what is happening in the body in a very non-invasive way. The patterns and colors in the iris tell us more about our overall strengths and weaknesses along with levels of toxicity that exist in our body. We are all born with different constitutional genetics and these are visible through iris analysis.

I specialize in helping with healing prostate problems, and erection dysfunction through nutrition and iris analysis, and also through Tantra awareness teachings. Learning the correct methods for maintaining the erection and also the best practices for masturbation prevents many genital troubles.

Cellular memory healing philosophy is part of the healing massage sessions, to share ways to better understand what creates more pleasure and healing in our lives and in our body.

I also help women to heal a variety of genital health challenges. I teach both men and women how to solve a variety of sexual health issues. Fertility troubles, and also troubles with cervical illnesses can all be solved with natural methods.

Blessings, Deborah.