Scorching verses Blessing

Scorching verses Blessing
All of the fear about burning in hell has some merit as it has to do with the scorching of the wisdom channel due to unloved feelings of hate…once hate is felt and received as love….the watery essence of the feeling produces a deep feeling of bliss that is very healing in side of the body. It is the separation from the feelings of hate that produce a burning or scorching of the spirit. Since hate is very intense it has to be felt and expressed in a private setting so as to not upset others, if at all possible.

Also the more we love our feelings of hate and anger and do not resist having a simple awareness of their existence and reality….we are choosing love first and being very kind and compassionate while sharing our truth in a positive loving way despite the noticeable feelings of hate that exist…basically nothing is rejected or discharged, instead feelings are contained and maintained while being present. This is a tall order for sure and requires a LOT of practice. The actual feeling work is intense and it really helps to have a wise teacher to guide us in this.

When too much separated hate is building up in the aura the wisdom level of our spirit burns and then fires manifest in our life for real. The issue with having a scorched wisdom channel has to do with the belief that hate is not love or the refusal to love feelings of hate and receive those feelings as feelings of love. Desires are usually involved when the wisdom channel is scorched. Any unsatisfied desire will include feelings of anger and hate. When the hate is felt and received as love then the spirit is full of water and love. When the hate is not loved then the spirit is full of fire.

Also there is often a strong desire to not hate thus the desire to not hate is part of the problem. When a desire is unsatisfied, there is also the hate of this lack of satisfaction and the desire to not feel the hate creates a burning or scorching in the feeling body. The feeling body is one of the oval spirit bodies that makes up our aura. We have to feel our feelings and receive them as love to be able to manifest healing.


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Born in 1956, managed to survive 18 years of using drugs and alcohol, joined recovery groups and began an interest in many forms of healing and health awareness. Was working in design and architecture, yet often worked in the performance arts as well. Began intensive studies in Iridology and Nutrition in 1990. Was involved with Sun Bear and The Bear Tribe Medicine Society intensively for 5 years. Studied Naturopathy and Iris Analysis along with Herbalogy and Detoxification methods for 8 years. Began studying Tantra in 94 and had a traumatic/healing near death experience in 95. Four years later I met my teacher Marcus Daniels and begin taking classes with him. My studies included body work that Marcus calls Touch of Structure. I went to two other massage therapy schools to study other style of massage and healing methods. I have an interest in teaching the truth about sexuality and spiritual healing based on what I have learned from my studies in wisdom classes with my teacher Marcus. By merging some basic Tantra practices with healing aspects of cellular memory healing practices I have created healthy ways to focus and have presence during intimacy and during alone times when some one is self pleasuring.
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