Heavenly Focus Separates

Heavenly Focus Separates (for my mother)

This is a general sharing about ideas related to Wisdom Sex practices and it is very elemental and simple…of course this topic is vastly more complicated yet I do feel it is helpful to share in a general way to express certain concepts about our spirit and our feelings of pleasure that exist in our body and especially in our pelvic and genital areas.

Most people, when they make love, separate their consciousness into the heavens. When they feel the pleasure in their pelvis, they are stimulating the wisdom blessings that exist in their pelvis; a wisdom luminosity that exists within the creative center; the second chakra.

There is a spiritual luminosity that emanates from the pelvic regions during genital stimulation that discharges and disperses into our aura. The aura is an invisible essence of our intangible spirit that surrounds our physical body; glowing like a light bulb does when it is turned on.

We often use the term “turned on” when we describe feeling horny and aroused sexually. Then after our orgasm we have a wonderful glow to our being from the pleasure we have just experienced. Within our luminous essence are qualities of feeling that we experience as being very pleasurable. If we could see our spiritual blessings within our aura they would be seen as luminous.

The spiritual luminosity of our wisdom blessings and our heavenly pleasure that we feel as orgasm has a luster to it. There is a luster to our luminosity. This is where the word lust comes from; from the word luster. Sometimes luster is spelled lustre as in lustrous. This is a positive quality of the word lust. In more vulgar terms, the word lust can be scrabbled into an anagram that reads the word “slut”

A woman who is actively excited and participatory in the area of sexuality is usually degraded and given names such as slut and whore. The word slut is a coded way of describing a woman as being loose in her sexual behavior; too lusty, causing shame to her family.

The word whore comes from the root word “hoard”; as in greedy with desire, or simply put: a person who has a lot of desire. Hey when the feelings of pleasure feel really good, no wonder someone would want to feel more pleasure, that is a given, a natural response to pleasure.

If it feels good do it. If you enjoy it, why not have more of it. Many times when people enjoy their feelings of pleasure though, they are unconsciously allowing their feelings to separate their spirit into outer body areas of their aura that are extremely far away from their body.

The feelings of heavenly bliss seduce people into drifting away into a trance to connect with the upper spiritual levels of heavenly blessings. These heavenly blessings and spiritually luminous qualities of luster exist in the spiritual dimension and in the physical pelvis of all human beings.

When egg and sperm unite during intercourse, there are wisdom blessings of spiritual luminosity that bless the new formed fetus from the mother’s egg and from the father’s sperm. Every human being alive has been blessed with the wisdom blessings from their parent’s spiritual wisdom essence at the moment that they were conceived.

Babies carry deep wisdom blessings within their beings. Babies feel on a level of authentic feelings where thoughts and feelings are merged.

Most people are observing themselves from a high distance in their minds. After a certain age, a young child goes through a psychic break and separates from their body. What this means is that the authentic feeling body (one of several oval spirit bodies within the aura), separates from the physical body, no longer staying connected within the psychic navel area behind the belly button.

Now the child is more mentally focused and thus controlling their feelings for safety. When children realize that their feelings are upsetting their parents and teachers, they end up denying their truth of having deep feelings and begin to choose to “act” and pretend and hide their feelings instead to gain their parent’s and teacher’s approval.

Now they will keep what they are really feeling a secret so that they can fit in and be a “normal” member of society. Yet before the psychic break, babies and young children are connected to their true feelings and often express them automatically. This automatic reaction and expression is naturally how real love manifests.

The truth wants to be manifested and liberated into reality; a very shocking awareness considering that negative feelings are as much manifestations of love as positive feelings are. Every feeling has a dark and light side to it.

Seeing as human bodies are tender and vulnerable, it is completely natural that if a body is hurt in some way, that there would be a reaction to the pain that a person or child is experiencing. For reasons of safety people avoid fires and sharp objects, along with poison and other damaging substances.

If a person is hit with a sharp object and is cut, then they usually scream as a reaction to the pain. Usually the pain is so extreme and severe that the person experiences terror and sometimes even goes into shock due to the excruciating nature of the pain. The pain is a feeling that is one of several feelings that a person feels.

Every feeling is invisible to the eye, yet the body expresses and demonstrates the feelings that are emerging through it. Thus sadness manifests tears and sobbing while anger usually manifests shouting. Pain on the other hand can produce screaming due to the intense terror and fear of the experience. If someone pinches us too hard, we wince in pain and usually yell for them to stop pinching us. We hurt easily, we are tender beings.

On a wisdom level of spiritual consciousness, a child feels their feelings deeply into the deepest layers of the subconscious. Not only does the child feel the subconscious feelings that exist within people’s auras, they also feel the pain that is created when feelings are suppressed and not expressed openly. Feelings wish to be felt and received as love, since feelings alert us to problems.

When we know what we are feeling, then we can make choices according to our feelings; choices that will hopefully lead us into having more positive experiences in life. Life is tricky and it can take a great deal of time to really know what a positive choice really is.

When we are able to feel very deeply, then we are very aware of the deeper feelings that exist in any situation. As a baby, feeling on a wisdom level, the baby is aware of the subconscious pains that are present in the aura. Thus pregnant women also experience pains in their bodies similar to those of their baby.

Often when a baby kicks inside of the mother’s belly, it is suffering pain and is naturally responding to the sudden psychic pain that it is feeling. Often when a baby is crying (for no reason at all) there is a psychic reason for the screaming that can not be communicated with words.

The subconscious is one part of the human aura. The subconscious holds the feelings of pain from past life violent death memories. Past life pain is contracted pain that was created by a violent action to the body. Even though the body may die, the memory of the pain still exists within the aura of the soul that was killed.

Upon re-incarnation into a new body in a new life, the past life historical feelings and memories are held within the subconscious of the spirit being born into a new world as a baby. The baby is excited to experience the mystery and wonder of a new lifetime.

The subconscious is a slower and lower density of gravity that grounds the spirit into the physical body and it exists between the legs of every human being.

The new born babe does not remember his or her past life experiences consciously once it has had its psychic break, which usually happens around age four or five. Yet sometimes young children will be heard talking about their past memories from a past life or even talking in another language as if they are talking to an old friend that is communing with them in the spirit world. This can happen when the child’s aura is still feeling deeper.

The subconscious is our unconsciousness and usually we are not aware of what memories exist within our subconscious, thus we are unconscious of these memories as they are submerged into the lower levels of consciousness. Yet when an adult is acting out and yelling and screaming, they are usually doing this due to past life historical feelings surfacing within their aura and moving through their body’s central spirit channel. The central spirit channel hovers about one inch above the spine inside of the body.

Above the physical body is the light body or also called the spirit body. A cord or ray of light connects every human being with their light body. The light body of every person is connected to their higher self and their wisdom blessings of luminosity. Within the spiritual dimension, every person is connected to that main source of love through their spirit channel.

There are both angelic beings and demonic beings that can flow and connect to humans through the central spirit channel. Most demonic beings exist in separations of spirit that are at the edge of the galaxy where the heavenly realms begin. The idea is that when we die, our spirit follows our light channel back to the spiritual dimension to be greeted by our loved ones and our angelic manifestations.

We go back to the light to feel the blessings of our oneness with divinity. We often use the word God to describe something greater than ourselves, some greater awareness of love and compassion that we can pray to and trust in for our salvation. Beings of higher consciousness, like Jesus the Christ and Buddha the Bodhisattva have come to Earth to teach human beings about feeling deeper love for each other.

The deeper love that was taught has to do with our choices to feel deeper care and kindness for each other. As we learn how to pay attention to our inner feelings of love, we can find a way to realize more kindness and compassion for others. We can learn to turn the other cheek, allowing our ego and self image pride to let go of needing any reward for our actions.

We can learn to walk our talk and show each other how to be more patient and loving and kind. We can learn how to communicate more clearly, to honor each others’ boundaries and to set boundaries for ourselves. We all have limits of love, and we are learning how to set these limits for ourselves so that we can find some peace in our lives.

If we are hurting, we then naturally wish to find a way to stop hurting. Sometimes we have to take time for our own nurturing to be kind with ourselves. Sometimes we need to find a way to feel more pleasure and enjoy life more, to smile and feel peace and love. Therefore, sometimes we do need to be alone and commune with our own higher self.

As we mature into adulthood, we are learning how to behave in a way that brings us more satisfaction within our lives. Yet first, before we find the peaceful life that we desire, we may need to push through several challenges to learn how to deal with the many facets of life that require learning.

We can not learn everything all at once. Everything takes time to learn. In the midst of all of our hard work, we wish to find some pleasure and some love to share intimately with another person. Yet even intimacy takes time and choosing a partner to be with requires some decision making.

We may not perfectly match every person that we meet. We may find that some people have very different habits and beliefs from ours and thus we are not matching them enough to have a happy relationship. If someone that we are in a relationship with is constantly cruel in their behavior, then this can become too much of a hardship, thus we have to end our relationship with them for our own peace of mind, and safety.

When it comes to making love and having intercourse, spiritual aspects of our aura are flowing and moving and manifesting. When any feeling is felt and received as love inside of our body, then some of the heavenly wisdom blessings will descend from the light body of that person and flow into the central spirit channel of that person’s body.

Whenever we feel our feelings of pleasure while stimulating our genitals, we are stimulating a flow of spiritual love that flows through our physical body. Every feeling that we feel as a human being exists within the different spiritual centers within the central channel of our body.

Our joy of orgasm is mixing with our other feelings that are part of the whole package of our spiritual aura. Within our spiritual aura there are several oval shaped spirit bodies that surround our physical body. One of these oval spirit bodies is our authentic feeling body. In the authentic feeling body, there is a combination of many feelings that we are able to feel as a human being. The basic feelings are: grief, fear, anger, pain, and joy. Within our joy there exists the joy of all of these other feelings as well.

This is rather shocking, since in general, we do not wish to feel or approve of these other feelings. The other feelings of grief, fear, anger, and pain are the feelings that we most wish to avoid feeling. We would prefer to ignore and deny these feelings. Yet still even if we choose to ignore these feelings, they are all existing together in one big mixing of feelings nonetheless.

If we are able to approve of and love each one of our feelings as positive qualities of consciousness, then we do not resist feeling them if necessary to know what we are feeling. There is energy that flows through everyone and everything and the basic energy flow of spirit is only 30% of an authentic feeling.

Thus babies and children are feeling much deeper than any adult person who has already separated their spirit from feeling deeper at age four or five. The babies and children of the world are suffering the pain of the suppressed feelings of the adults who are in a habit of resisting their feelings. Feelings that are resisted are either unconsciously suppressed, or discharged from the body, or ignored mentally, or denied into amnesia so that the memories are no longer conscious anymore.

When feelings are felt in the body in the genitals, and loving spirit descends through the central spirit channel, immediately something from the subconscious becomes conscious and thus uploads into the part of the aura that is more present around the body. If a man stays relaxed; completely relaxed in his inner pelvic muscles during genital stimulation, then love flows with grace and ease.

If instead a man holds even a tiny bit of tension in his pubic muscles during genital stimulation, he will then end up uploading the past life pains from violent death memories into his body and his aura in a contracted format. The pain from any violent action is contracted due to the fear of the severe pain. For example, if someone stabs you, your reaction is to contract and resist feeling the pain. Most people do not know how to relax and enjoy feeling the pain in their body. It is natural to fear the knife and the damage it will cause along with the severe pain that the body feels, causing an automatic tension and contraction and resistance to occur.

These contracted pains are pain (which is invisible and formless in spirit) that has never been fully felt and received as love through the human heart, mind, and body. Thus this is a most shocking revelation. The feelings of pain that manifest in the body are due to past life memories that carry pain within them flowing through the body during times when the genitals are stimulated and the full flow of pleasure is resisted by subtle pelvic tensions.

The tension in the pelvic areas along with any tension held within the leg and butt muscles during genital stimulation causes contractions of subconscious feelings to arise within the body. The contraction in the muscles is basically demonstrating a desire to contract against allowing the feelings to flow inward and absorb naturally inside of the body.

This often happens when a man is mentally fantasizing about his sensual desires in his mind, since in this way he is disassociating himself from an awareness of his lower body. Many men will declare that it feels natural to tense up during their ejaculation.

The truth is though, that it is actually unnatural to tense up and resist the pleasure. Men will say that they feel even more pleasure when they tense up during ejaculation, yet this is a negative trick really. The truth is that the tension is a sign of resisting an allowing of the feelings to absorb inward into the body to be felt and received as love.

In tensing up, the sensation body (another one of the oval spirit bodies that makes up the aura) is expanded outward along with contracted pains from the subconscious uploading into the aura in a huge discharge. And since the man has separated in his mind out into the far away place of the fantasy mind, he is oblivious to what he is really feeling.

He is actually only feeling the energy of sensations of feelings discharging through his outer aura. Thus he is unaware of the deeper contracted feelings that will later soak inwards at night when he sleeps and cause him to have back pain in the morning when he arises.

These tensions of pain also affect whoever he is sleeping next to or making love with. Often times a man’s wife or lover is irritable and she does not know why she feels so angry. The irritability is due to the contracted pain that exists in the aura. The contracted pain also has other feelings attached to it. If you were being stabbed in a past life, not only would you feel terror and pain, you would also hate the pain and be angry.

All of the feelings amass together in invisible consciousness, yet the feelings are still alive with feeling- that demands to be felt. Even if the feelings are resisted and discharged due to shock, the feelings still exist in a spiritual separation; thus not consciously felt and received within the physical body, yet waiting to be received as love consciously.

Yet the separations of spirit all desire to be felt and received in the body eventually. The feelings all wish to be known in consciousness. If a man learns the best way to focus his mind during love making and keep his body flowing like a piece of silk blowing in the breeze, then his muscles stay relaxed and his feelings are fluidly moving without any resistance.

If a man can go really slow and be in the moment and not push or force his ejaculation, then he can flow pure love and pleasure with no damaging contractions being uploaded from his historical memory banks that exist between his legs. This is called being a dancer. The man must have fluid movements and be breathing naturally (not controlled or hyper-breathing) to allow his spirit to flow with ease through his body along with his feelings of pleasure.

The only way that someone can know that what I am talking about is true, is to achieve a spiritual integration that brings the authentic feeling spirit body back into a psychic connection behind the navel area. There are true Tantra healing practices that are known as cellular memory healing that create this reintegration of wisdom spirit back into the adult body.

When this happens, then the adult human becomes a living blessing. As a living blessing, the adult is able to feel what babies and young children feel. Once again the adult is like a baby that can feel the deeper feelings that exist within the subconscious and also within super-consciousness and heavenly realms of consciousness. The adult person now is able to be a healer for others constantly, just how children and babies are.

If the adult person lives in a large city, then that adult will be affected by the feelings of the millions of people in that city. Most adults only feel mentally, and thus they may be aware of their feelings, yet they do not fully feel their feelings. They only experience an energetic awareness of their feelings.

It is only when we feel our feelings deeply that we become aware of our truth and make choices to change our situation. Yet sometimes life pushes us into one predicament after another and we feel like we will never get out of our limited existence. When this is happening, there are a ton of historical memories affecting the person’s aura.

A person’s aura is like their software. Whatever gets programmed into the software is going to affect the computer’s systems that are running and creating. It is vital to always trust in our own higher self to know what to do and where to go.

Sometimes we experience such a huge limit of love that we have to run away from the impossible situation. And sometimes life is just very impossible and we are stuck suffering with no way out except to sit still and just be. It is vital to focus our mind on love and on a sense of loving divinity.

The more we choose to love, the more we are able to love ourselves even in really tough times. Sometimes our suffering includes illness and death experiences. Death is simply a doorway back to the spiritual dimensions. There is nothing we can do to escape death in our human life. Human life can lead to immortal life yet this is a very deep subject that requires weeks of teaching and lifetimes of education.

There are super-conscious possibilities that exist, yet first we have to simply love being human. Nothing will progress further for us until we can first love every aspect of being human. A large shot of honesty is required for each one of us to be able to evolve.

Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. In our massive desires we want more of a good thing. In our desires to feel more pleasure, we do need education and instruction to really know what we are doing. Our sexual desires are natural, yet it is vital to learn how to be more conscious during genital stimulation, since this action does manifest a flow of spiritual consciousness.

That is why there are people who study Tantra and other forms of conscious sexuality. Some people call it sacred sexuality. Sexuality is an aspect of creation. New life is created when egg and sperm meet. There is pleasure in creating new life and then loving our babies and watching them grow into adulthood. There is pleasure in every aspect of life and learning. We are truly blessed.

The mind often gets pulled out of the body and into heavenly focus during fantasy causing the tension in the pelvis. It is vital that people connect with a focus on the body and not just live in the mind in fantasy desires. The mind separated causes suffering, thus only feelings bring the spirit back into the body, and thus it is vital that people feel their anger to have more passionate love making.

Anger can be shared in a positive way in private so as to not scare people, and to prevent hurting anyone. Yet passion must be felt and expressed somehow.  I hope you understand this. If a man can express his anger and then practice healthy genital massage with proper mental focus, he can feel an orgasm that is many thousands of times more healing and deeply pleasurable.

These simple practices can heal cancers in the body, yet ejaculation is not necessary. Just loving the tiny bit of pleasure that brings in deep feelings of love from the heavens is enough to enjoy and be satisfied with and actually the lesser amounts of pleasure felt in the body brings in the deepest wisdom blessings from the divinity in the light body.

Deborah Carroll copyright May 2013.

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Born in 1956, managed to survive 18 years of using drugs and alcohol, joined recovery groups and began an interest in many forms of healing and health awareness. Was working in design and architecture, yet often worked in the performance arts as well. Began intensive studies in Iridology and Nutrition in 1990. Was involved with Sun Bear and The Bear Tribe Medicine Society intensively for 5 years. Studied Naturopathy and Iris Analysis along with Herbalogy and Detoxification methods for 8 years. Began studying Tantra in 94 and had a traumatic/healing near death experience in 95. Four years later I met my teacher Marcus Daniels and begin taking classes with him. My studies included body work that Marcus calls Touch of Structure. I went to two other massage therapy schools to study other style of massage and healing methods. I have an interest in teaching the truth about sexuality and spiritual healing based on what I have learned from my studies in wisdom classes with my teacher Marcus. By merging some basic Tantra practices with healing aspects of cellular memory healing practices I have created healthy ways to focus and have presence during intimacy and during alone times when some one is self pleasuring.
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