Choosing Love



We all have our faith rooted in a variety of spiritual and religious beliefs. Among all of the world’s views and faiths, there is one power that serves us all. That power is the power of LOVE.
We often hear things like: God is Love, or they have a Loving Spirit, or someone may express that they are feeling Love. And when we think of feeling love, our main vision is one of feeling joy and happiness; enthusiasm, and other positive expressions.

The power of feeling and receiving our feelings of love, in our human hearts, and then sharing our love with others, is a conscious choice. Even though at times we may feel that our feelings are out of control, and not actually chosen deliberately.

Choosing love consciously empowers our presence, allowing us to emanate our blessings, and share the authentic pleasure of our being-ness with others. As we liberate ourselves from unconscious habits and cruel choices, we learn what it is to be a kind human being, and live a healed life.

Join me on a journey of present conscious communicating that focuses on receiving more love, compassion, and wisdom within our bodies, through loving touch, and through the safety of feeling and expressing our basic human feelings.

Cellular Memory Healing is a spiritual practice that focuses on being human, and honoring all aspects of our human condition. Choosing love shows us how to be more kind with our self and others, and allows us to receive even more LOVE.

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Sincerely, Deborah Carroll.